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BSA Unit single wanted. (date added: 13/3/17)

I am looking for a nice, fettled BSA B44 Shooting Star, 1968-1970. Failing that, a B50SS with the TLS front brake. I would even consider a really nice 68-70 Starfire if nothing else was available and the price was right, as I’m not after an interstate tourer, just something to ride within about 100 miles of home. I’ve been looking here in Victoria but nothing is on the market at the moment.
If anyone out there has anything suitable and may be in a selling mood, please drop me an email to
Kim White,



B33 motor with B31 top end (date added: 13/3/17)
Killarney Heights, New South Wales

This motor came out of a project bike I was going to bore out the cylinder to 440 cc and use some gold star cams to liven up but ended up using a std B33 motor for the project so this is spare. Good bottom end. Barrel needs rebore. All there apart from push rods which we’re used in my project. See other ad for matching gearbox. Peter 0410 490954

BSA Gear box from 1954 B33 (date added: 13/3/17)
Killarney Heights, New South Wales

All good came from working bike and all gears present and correct! It is used not rebuilt or refurbished. See other ad for B33 motor. Peter 0410 490954


Amal Carbies for Sale – $380 (ono) for both or $200 each

I am selling two complete Skillon 30mm type Amal concentric carbies (LHS and RHS) in good condition. These were running on my BSA 650 Lightning.  They are surplus to my requirements and only one year old (estimated no more than 500 Km on road). The carbies feature slides with teflon coating and knurled adjuster knobs for idle and mixture control, eliminating the need for use of a screwdriver on a ride.




M – 0410 530 153

Email –

BSA grayscale tachometer – $120 (ono)

I am selling  an original Smiths tachometer  in good condition. This was running on my BSA 650 Lightning but is now surplus to my requirements since I have replaced it with an electronic version.  It is working well and was reconditioned only a few years ago.




M – 0410 530 153

Email –