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(Date added: 4/7/17) Wanted 1940-42 BSA M20. Will consider unrestored or restored bikes.

Contact: John 0412153386 or



Amal Carbies for Sale – $380 (ono) for both or $200 each

I am selling two complete Skillon 30mm type Amal concentric carbies (LHS and RHS) in good condition. These were running on my BSA 650 Lightning.  They are surplus to my requirements and only one year old (estimated no more than 500 Km on road). The carbies feature slides with teflon coating and knurled adjuster knobs for idle and mixture control, eliminating the need for use of a screwdriver on a ride.




M – 0410 530 153

Email –

BSA grayscale tachometer – $120 (ono)

I am selling  an original Smiths tachometer  in good condition. This was running on my BSA 650 Lightning but is now surplus to my requirements since I have replaced it with an electronic version.  It is working well and was reconditioned only a few years ago.




M – 0410 530 153

Email –