Ride Reports

19th October 2018 – Ride to Ebenezer

(ride report from Andrew Gunn)Alan, Jim and Vic at the Tractor 828 Cafe

Alan, Jim and Vic at the Tractor 828 Cafe


Vic phoned me last week and asked if I would like to join him and a few other club members for a ride to Ebenezer on Friday.  “Meet at the Parkleigh Hungry Jack’s – 10:am” he says.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“Ebenezer”, says Vic in his usual, expansive way.

“Where’s that?

“Don ‘t you know?  How long have you been living in Sydney?” I explain to Vic that I’ve been living in Sydney since 1982 but I confess to being ignorant about where Ebenezer is, or even of having heard of it.

I found out.  Jim and Alan joined with Vic and me after the rendezvous at Hungry Jack’s.  Vic arrived on his Yamaha XS 650, Alan on his brand new BMW and Jim on his trusty Yamaha Virago.  I was riding my Yamaha FJR (feeling slightly guilty about having left the BSA Lightning languishing back in the garage).  We took a very enjoyable ride out west to Windsor, turning right at Pitt Town Road where the Australian Hotel is located on the corner.

From there we travelled along Cattai Road, Wisemans Ferry Road and through Maroota (I had heard of this place). Turning left, we found Sackville Ferry Road and crossed the Hawkesbury River at Sacksville (by ferry).

Half a kilometre on from the ferry we found the Tractor 828 Cafe on our left (the Cafe is in the heart of Ebenezer, the district) and decided this would be a nice place to stop for lunch and watch the grass grow for a while.  The grass, having grown, was also being rolled up as turf by a turf cutting machine as we watched.

An hour later and we were on our way again, with the fine weather beginning to warm up considerably. We pointed our trusty steeds towards Windsor for the return journey.

At 130 Km round trip it was altogether a thoroughly enjoyable outing.  The Hills Shire in the Hawkesbury  region has some stunning scenery to be enjoyed on such a fantastic spring day.

This ride was so enjoyable that I repeated it a few days later with my partner Ruth on the back as pillion with me!

(Andrew Gunn)

6th October 2018 – Western Adventure

The place to set off from was Asquith, the sun was out Jim F was the first to arrive but his Yamaha was misbehaving and he did not relish the idea of continuing with us to Gloucester,  Mark Westfield arrived at 11am so we set out I rode my daughters Kawasaki VN250 Cruiser, Allan Mc rode his new BMW 1200RT, we set a fast pace and arrived at Wards River on Buckets way about 2 hours later, Mark W was not with us. I mentioned we might stop in Booral but the sky was a bit black and we continued but he decided to stop for coffee        Finally he caught up to us and said that I was riding too fast.

Arrived   at Ron”s place, Neil P was there he rode from Belmore River which is near Kempsey.  We stayed the night and next morning set out early to Tamworth and Manilla.  Ron was riding his VFR 800  and lead the way  over the mountains to Tamworth we refueled  and had lunch then set off to Manilla the countryside was much drier  creeks with no water in them.

Stopped in Manilla for liquid refreshments then continued on the road to Boggabri and eventually to the farm of Trevor B who is also a BSA club member .Overnight at his  drought affected farm he was selling his cattle as it was no longer affordable to feed them.  At this stage Ron and Neil decided to return home Mark also mentioned that a pressing work problem had come up and he would also return home.

Allan and I decided to continue on to Moree, we all  rode to Manilla.  Here Ron Neil and Mark returned to Tamworth Allan and I went to Barraba then Bingara and on to Moree.  Two days of swimming in the hot water and summer like temperatures was a godsend .

Left there for Walgett. The countryside was worse looking dry no green except for the  trees which dotted the landscape, not much traffic out here.  Passed through Collarenebri not even a shop open, on the outskirts of town was coffee caravan which we stopped at for a rest.

Onwards to Walgett been drought affected for 4 years so pretty dry. the Barwon river was a dirty green colour this was the town water supply. Not much to keep us here stayed overnight had a giant county meal then left in the morning for Coonamble, here we encountered strong winds of 70kmh, the white marker posts along the road were fluttering.  In the distance the sky looked black, I had put on my wet weather pants expecting rain but it was a dust storm passed through Gilgandra and got to Dubbo early afternoon.

Jim F had booked a motel room for us.  Had a rest then rode into town centre did some food shopping and back to the motel, it rained in the night.

Next morning left for Bathurst at 8am got to Orange which we bypassed and arrived in Bathurst 1 0.15am had a late breakfast and set off for the last 200km home.  At Lithgow we encountered a little drizzle and that kept up till Lawson. Allan and I parted company and rode home.

A great time was had by all that attended  I rode a total of 1717km.

Victor Terry