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BEROWRA WATERS. 24th June 2022

5 riders met at Hungry Jacks at Parklea the destination was Berowra Waters Marina for breakfast.

Leigh Thompson was the first to arrive then allan McAneney Bob Nix and last was Gordon Heming

I had a problem put my left leg down to get side stand but the bike toppled and resulted in me straining my hamstring muscle wow it was painfull, hobbled in the restaurant and discussed the way forward, Bob Nix who lives in the area knew the most direct route, it was along Samantha Riley Drive to Glenhaven Rd then into New Line Rd at Dural after that it was easy through Galston along Arcadia Rd then into Bay Road down the hill to the Marina. It was pleasant sitting in the sun and talking about bikes.

Box Nix and Leigh Thompson returned home the way we came, Allan, Gordon and I crossed on the ferry and went home through Hornsby was was quicker for us. It was a good outing hopefully we will get more people coming out on club rides.


6th February Club ride to Megalong Valley.

We met at Mcdonalds at Kellyville, Joe on his HD Sportster,Allan Yamaha TRX, Gordon Triumph and me on my daughters street triple. Joe who had been in the mountains the day before suggested to go up to Springwood instead

because of the rainy weather. We rode out via South Windsor then onto The Driftway to Agnes Banks then Springwood Rd to Hawkesbury lookout for a stop, Allan and Joe swapped bikes to try them out. Joe suggested we go to Lapstone hotel meanwhile Mark Charles left me a message saying he was in Lawson, I told him where we were so he joined us.

Whilst we were having lunch it started to rain which looked like it had set in, we left during a lull in the rain, it continued to the start of the M4 then fined up, Allan and Gordon encountered some heavy rain around Liverpool whilst Mark and Joe got home dry, My seat was wet so my jeans were wet also.

A good ride was had by everone who attended, The next ride is to Colo Riverside in March, look at the calendar and join us