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Sorry, I did not read your post properly.
BSA never made a 4 stroke motorcycle with a spline on the kick starter. They are all cotter pinned similar to on a push bike.

A would be supplier of aftermarket & pattern parts in the UK <> does a line of splined quadrants and kick starters but they were not particularly good as he had them cast not forged.
I am not sure if they are still in production as they got quite a bad reputation for fracturing when jumped on instead of being kicked carefully.
They have no agency in Australia due to the above and the very high price of making anything in the UK.

I would strongly suggest to contact Mark Cook at PES
< > he makes a wide variety of upgraded unit single parts and is a BSA unit single expert.
The $ is reasonable against the £ at the moment so Mark can organise a lots of nice chrissie presents for your B40.
He is an enthusiasts married to the daughter of the designer & manufacturer of CCM motorcycles.
They are always happy to help out.
He also haunts the B50 forum if you fell more comfortable approaching him that way.
Peter from also lurks there a bit and if you really want to empty your wallet Stan ( Hp by Stan ) Ed ( E&V Engineering ) if you want a 100mph + B40

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